Janet Ouyang, digital product designer.

A designer with an ambition to help create something memorable and enjoyable - something that touches millions across the world. There are many ways to create an impact for people in the world, and I believe that one is through design.

I am a recent graduate from Simon Fraser University's Interactive Arts and Technology program, which I originally joined for animation, but discovered and fell in love with user experience design. It combines my constant desire for challenges and problem-solving with design, which was a hobby I've held since middle school. My belief is that experience design can have a great positive impact on a person's life, even in ways least expected. I am very detail-oriented and enjoy honing small parts of a whole, such as interactions and the placement of even the smallest elements.

As someone who likes to stay busy, environments that are fast-paced and agile are where I thrive. Gaming is also a major hobby of mine, where my interests in storytelling, rich fantasy worlds, and problem-solving meet. If you're ever interested in chatting about The Witcher 3, Final Fantasy, or even building water parks in The Sims, I'm there!

Want to chat about design, games, or anything else? You can contact me by:

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